CApitalism 101

My tea party principles


I look forward to an opportunity to read your book” 

Michael S. Steele,

Chairman, Republican National Committee

“Capitalism 101”
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Leon WeinsteiN


“Looking for Hugh:
The Capitalist Guidebook”
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New Bestseller by Leon Weinstein

“Capitalism 101: My Tea Party Principles”

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I wish you and the book the best of luck – keep up the good work”  Karl Rove

I have a particular interest in this book’s subject matter”  Michele Bachmann

God bless you”  Sarah Palin

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“Anyone who reads “Capitalism 101” will automatically reject Obama and his policies! GET THIS BOOK to anyone you know and make Obama a ONE-TERM President!

Sam Novak

“Paradigm shifting book” Alex Dorfman

“State of mind changing materials”

Mikael Young

“Fascinating Stories! A page-turner and an eye opening book. Buy it as a Christmas present to all your friends.” Doris Chatterley